Vanilla or Chocolate


Can I just say that I’m not a fan of Obama or McCain? In the past, I’ve gotten very wrapped up in politics, but I’m seriously just tired of it this time around. I can not get excited about either of the candidates no matter how hard I may try.

Obama comes across as an inexperienced, arrogant elitist.
McCain comes across as an old, detached grouch.

I have no doubt that both men have the very best for our country in mind. I have no doubt that both men believe that their direction is the best for our nation. I believe that each of these candidates believe in their party’s stances.

Both men are self-described Christians.

Obama chose a running mate that has experience to make up for his own lack thereof.
McCain chose a running mate that is young to compensate for his lack of youth and excitement.

At least at this debate, both attempt to appear calm and collected while goading the other. Both come across as pompous and rude. Both desire to gain the upper hand, but attempt to do so in undesirable manners.

I have democratic friends that will be upset with this post.
I have republican friends that will be upset with this post.

As simple as it gets, this election is a battle between vanilla and chocolate. Both are staple flavors of ice cream. Both are acceptable alternatives. Both are preferred over most other flavors. But do you really get that excited about either?

Me neither.

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