Two Taylors and a thought

Some guys have a dozen guitars. I have two. I’ve owned several, but these are the two that have managed to hang around in my life.

My family bought a Taylor 414ce as a gift to me for my college graduation. I have led worship literally hundreds of times with it, and regardless of the situation just putting the strap around my shoulder brings me to a place of comfort and peace. That gift infected me (blessed me?) with the bug for Taylors.

A couple of years later, I fell in love the first time I sat down and played on a T5 (Thinline Fiveway). It’s a hybrid, semi-hollow body guitar that can switch between an electric sound and an acoustic sound using five pickup configurations. I love this guitar.

But ultimately, these are both tools that I use to lead worship. And the fact that every time I touch these guitars, I’m reminded of the hundreds of times I’ve stood in front of a group of people and led them to the throne of Christ, and thousands of times that I’ve sat in my chair and found myself strumming one chord or hitting one note that’s tugged my heart make them even more important to me.

What do you play? What do they mean to you?

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