Two Speeding Tickets in a Row

Yesterday was simply not a good day. I was driving back to Austin from Marshall, and just outside of Oakwood, TX I noticed that the speed limit had decreased to 45. I began to slow down, took a curve, but wasn’t below the speed limit when one of these guys caught me.


I tried to politely explain to the officer that I had begun to slow down, but he had the personality of a rock and wasn’t listening to anything. Of course, he was the classic small-town policeman complete with handlebar mustache, aviator sunglasses, and a chip on his shoulder.

After pulling away from that joyful experience, I called my loving wife, who proceeded to allow me to vent my frustrations. Obviously, I was beyond upset, but she was doing a great job cooling me off, when she hears me on the other end of the line say, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

That’s right.

In the very next town, I saw headlights. Again. I was so animated and upset that I was caught speeding again. This time, the officer looked fresh out of the academy, complete with peach-fuzz and another chip on his significantly smaller and narrower shoulders.

So that’s my story. Two small east Texas towns where I should have known better. Two speeding tickets. I’m officially a moron.

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