Switching things up

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of moving and shaking behind the scenes. I changed my primary google email address. That means that not only have I switched those accounts, but also every website and application that I used to sign in with.

It’s not that my old email address was bad. It wasn’t. But I chose it back in 2004. And my tastes are a little different. I wasn’t fast enough getting to gmail to grab up something simple like davidnorman@gmail.com so I settled for david[dot]servantofgod[at]gmail[dot]com.

And while I hope that describes me more than it even did then, I just felt pretentious every time I gave someone that email. So, this past week, I switched everything over to david[AT]davidnormanblog[DOT]com.

Sure, I have a personal gmail account that will follow me everywhere from now on, but that one will specifically be known to closest friends and family.

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