Sunday Rewind – Tuesday Edition?

Please accept my apologies for the delay.

  • I am continually amazed and humbled that God has given me such a great team.
  • This marks the 4th week in a row that someone has received Christ into their life during the service.  PEOPLE THIS IS NOT NORMAL! THIS IS AWESOME!
  • People are coming to Crossroads for the first time and experiencing Christ in a way they never have before.
  • Amazing things happen when you respond to God’s grace by extending his love to others!
  • This week’s sermon focused on the life that God calls us to – the life that Jesus died to offer us.
  • I’m convinced that so many of us live constrained, restricted lives because we fear failure.  But life and freedom come from faith that Christ is in control!
  • We didn’t run out of gifts for first-time visitors this week (like we did last week), but we only had one left!  How COOL is that?!
  • Do you want an abundant, full life?  Would you like to experience a life beyond your wildest dreams?
  • Be sure to get there this Sunday when we wrap up RESCUED by exploring what it means to have life abundantly.

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