Some Days It’s Good That They’re All So Cute

Today has been one of those days.  All of my kids are suffering from post-Daylight Savings Time change lack of sleep.  Their little sleep patters are completely shot and as such they are officially “sensitive.”

They’re not sensitive in the way like they are more affirming or compassionate towards each other.  No they’re more sensitive as in they are completely breaking down at the smallest prompting.
Micah: “Dad, she won’t quit chasing me!”
Ally: “Dad, he won’t hold still so I can sit next to him!”
Caleb: yelling something completely unintelligible due to the pacifier.
It’s been a rough day around the Norman house, but there is hope.  I have a feeling that they’ll be going to bed extra-early tonight.  And that could make all the difference tomorrow.
Here’s hoping.  Some days it’s good that they’re all so cute.

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