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Summer 2016 Bookstack

I’m a little late in getting this posted. Then again, I haven’t exactly been posting regularly since beginning doctoral study. Two years of PhD work have been completed which means that this summer marks my last of guided reading. In light of that reality, behold my list of books to read for the summer. On the Trinity, Augustine “Augustine, the… Read more →

Can We Still Trust New Testament Professors?

David Wilkin has an interesting article that is prescient for anyone considering theological education or considering attending a private Christian college. In his article, he writes, If your son or daughter wants to go to Bible college or seminary, you would be wise to check out the schools, and particularly the New Testament departments, very carefully. Most schools do not… Read more →

Summer 2015 Bookstack

   The semester is over. My first year of doctoral study is in the books (and by “in the books,” I mean both that it is complete and that I spent the entirety of it with my nose firmly placed in a book). I have always been a reader, but I have never read that much in such a small… Read more →

The Cathedral at St. Andrews

One of the more stunning sights on the Oxford Study Tour is that of the ruins of the Cathedral of St. Andrew. Built in 1158, it was stripped of its altars and images during the Scottish reformation and abandoned in 1561. Today, the ruins stand as a reminder of what once was. And though the edifice no longer stands complete,… Read more →

Oxford Study Tour in SWBTS News

“During this year’s tour, July 7-24, more than 70 people from Southwestern and Southeastern Seminaries shared the Gospel across the United Kingdom. More than an opportunity to visit sites significant to Christian and Baptist history, this year’s tour allowed conversations to be had, seeds to be planted, and four professions of faith.” Read more here. Read more →

PhD Semester 1 Reading List

Here we go. This week, I officially begin PhD studies at Southwestern Seminary. (For an idea of exactly what that means, just click here.) This semester I’m taking two reading seminars, a graduate research seminar, and a theological German class. At this point, it’s probably best that I just take a deep breath, because I won’t be coming up for… Read more →