Roll out the red carpet

I just saw this on Ed Stetzer’s blog and had to share it. Apparently at the Church of God’s National Church Planting Lab, they rolled out the red carpet for their church planters…literally.

Here’s what Ed had to say:

I was moved by the gesture.

I wonder if it was so meaningful to me because I have seen church planters:

  • attacked because they used different methods and music
  • accused of being _____ (Purpose Driven, Reformed, emerging, contemporary, etc.)
  • opposed because their were planting in “my” area

and the list could go on and on…

What if, instead, church planters were welcomed into your denomination, into the area where your church served, and maybe even into your church’s strategy?

What a difference that would make.

The symbol blessed a lot of planters today. The reality would bless a lot more.

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