In doctoral studies, it is easy to find oneself isolated in his study carrel, cut off from the outside world. Once he discerns that his specific research interest is shared by a group of persons that can be counted on one hand, the walls of his already diminutive study carrel begin closing in even tighter.  The past week served an… Read more →

Erasmus and the Word of God

Let us all, therefore, with our whole heart covet [the Word of God], let us embrace it, let us continually occupy ourselves with it, let us fondly kiss it, at length let us die in its embrace, let us be transformed by it. Paraclesis, in Christian Humanism and the Reformation, 3rd ed., ed. by John C. Olin (New York: Fordham… Read more →

Summer 2016 Bookstack

I’m a little late in getting this posted. Then again, I haven’t exactly been posting regularly since beginning doctoral study. Two years of PhD work have been completed which means that this summer marks my last of guided reading. In light of that reality, behold my list of books to read for the summer. On the Trinity, Augustine “Augustine, the… Read more →

A Big Step

For almost three years I have been serving as the Editorial Assistant for the Southwestern Journal of Theology and the Assistant for the Center for Theological Research and Oxford Study Program. I have had the honor and opportunity to work alongside scholars such as Drs. Terry Wilder, Madison Grace, and Malcolm Yarnell. And while I have enjoyed every moment in… Read more →