Name Dropping…

So yesterday, as I was flying home from Georgia I ran into some really cool folks at the airport. I ran into Colin Quinn just outside of the security checkpoint. I’m not really one to run up to a celebrity, but I have no problem speaking up to them if the opportunity presents itself.

I saw Colin Quinn, introduced myself, and talked just a little and let him know that I really miss his show “Tough Crowd” on Comedy Central. We talked a little about Texas, a little about Tough Crowd, and a little about his travels and then parted ways. Not a huge story, but very cool for me.

Then, as I was sitting at my gate, I saw someone that I had read a news story about just a few days prior to that day.

Ken Hamlin plays free safety for the Dallas Cowboys and was just given the “franchise” tag by the ‘Boys. I cautiously approached him, introduced myself, asked him about the news, his travels, etc. and then just had a normal conversation with him.

All in all, a really cool day. Two (three including me!) really cool guys. And the best news of all is that I’m home.

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