Moving Day Difficulties

I write this post from my apartment in southwest Austin. I can’t even begin to describe to you how strange that reads even to me. Most boxes are unpacked. We’re a long way from completely being moved in, but we’re getting there. The fun part was getting to this point.

We spent the better part of Thursday packing our house, and by that evening we actually felt that we’d made good progress, and would be more than capable of finishing up by lunch on Friday. We were wrong.

Friday morning came and I went and picked up the UHaul. We reserved a 17′ truck, but ended up with a 26′ because they had completely run out of any 14′ or 17′ trucks in Corpus Christi. After loading all that we had already packed, I realized that this was way too much for me to accomplish alone.

We hired some loading help from a local moving company who practically begged out of continuing on once the rain set in. We asked them to stay and work another hour, and they asked for payment and took off. Apparently, movers melt in the rain.

All of that to say that it took considerably longer than we expected to leave Corpus. We were aiming for 12-1 PM. I actually left Corpus a little after 7:30 PM! It was so late, that Krista and the kids ended up staying at the in-laws for the night and driving up to Austin the next afternoon.

I arrived at The Preserve at Travis Creek around 12:3o AM and was greeted by my brother who had driven down from Magnolia, AR in order to help me unload. We finished unloading the truck around 8 AM. That was absolutely no fun whatsoever. However, I must admit, I was the slacker ready and willing to go to bed and get back to work in the morning, while he was the one pushing me to finish. Thanks, little brother.

So now, we’re here. We still have no hot H20 because we’re still waiting on the gas company to come turn on the gas (which, consequently, only works with the fireplace and, oh yea, the hot H20 heater). We’re waiting on Time Warner to come hook up the cable, phone, & internet, but since it’s move-in week for UT and Southwest Texas, that won’t happen until Thursday.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. This is an intensely exciting and challenging time for our family. This afternoon I have an interview for a part-time position at Gold’s Gym and Krista and Micah are already at Hyde Park Baptist School – Bannockburn Campus meeting his teacher, purchasing uniforms, and getting ready for school to start tomorrow!

So give us a call the next time you’re in the area. We’d love to get together with you!

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