Kyrie Eleison

Hurricane Ike is hitting the Texas coast right now. I’ve really been irritated and exhausted by the insane amount of media coverage to this point, but honestly, something is shifting in me as I write this.

I’ve been praying on and off today for those whose homes, properties, and very lives will be dramatically affected today by this storm. I’ve been told of a family in Galveston whose 10 year old son was killed by a felled tree cut down by his father in order to prevent it from falling on the house.

My heart breaks. Everything in me cries out in anguish at stories like that… and the worst part is that it is only the beginning. The eye is hitting as I write. God put it on my heart tonight to pray for those whose lives will be taken tonight. Some won’t see the sun rise.

And my prayer is simple. It began as this long, drawn out prayer for protection and provision and for the storm to die down. Maybe it’s because the eye is hitting the coast now, but my prayer has shifted.

It is a prayer that has been prayed for a long time. Kyrie Eleison. Lord have mercy. Christe Eleison. Christ have mercy. Pray with me.

UPDATE: Now there are some tornadoes spinning off of the storm affecting Louisiana. The damage is going to keep coming. We need to keep praying.

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