Just Keep Moving

Yesterday, as I drove back down to Corpus from Austin I had a thought.  First, I have to explain that I never regeared my Jeep when I lifted it, so I don’t have a ton of power in the upper gears.  But apparently I hit a headwind, because when I would set my cruise at 75, as soon as I let off the accelerator, I would slow to a struggling 65.  Of course, I would put my foot back on the gas pedal only to find that it had been floored out and that there was no more power to be had in 5th gear.

I know that I’m not the only one who might be open and honest enough to admit that there have been times in my life when I’ve felt a total lack of power.  Now, I’m not referring to feeling powerless or unable to move, but those moments when you’re moving along, but you don’t seem to have that last little bit to get a good final push to finish strong.  It’s the difference between sprinting across the finish line vs. crawling across it.
That said, we should always strive to sprint across the finish line, but I believe that most of the battle is finishing.  So crawl.  Slide.  Whatever it takes.  Even though you may feel powerless, just keep moving toward the end goal.  Little by little.
I got home (finally) yesterday.  You will too.  Just keep moving.

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