My MUST HAVE iPhone apps list for pastors

The reality is that you don’t have to have an iPhone to be a good pastor, but it helps. And while I say that with a huge smile on my face and with my tongue firmly in cheek, many of us are big iPhone users. So I have a question,

What are the “must have” apps for pastors?

TeuxDeux: If you’re notoriously disorganized, this will help you get stuff done!

Facebook: Look, if you’re not on facebook yet, then I can’t help you (but a large majority of young adults use facebook more than email, you might want to be available in that arena.

Gowalla and/or FourSquare: Let your church know when and where you are in public. Don’t be surprised if they want to grab some coffee with you.

Starbucks Mobile Card: Speaking of coffee, how could you live without this?

ESV Study +: I preach from the ESV, and let’s be honest, the ESV Study Bible is a little large to lug around. This gets me all of the study notes on my iPhone. That’s a huge win!

YouVersion: And you have to give YouVersion their props.

Evernote: Notes, clips, anything and everything you need to help your brain is here.

Dropbox: Anything you store in this folder on your computer, you have access to on your iPhone. I always have a copy of my sermon notes on dropbox for the off chance that I forget my printed notes or spill coffee on them.

CardMunch: CardMunch has been one of my favorite secrets for some time now. You take a picture of a business card and it sends it to a human who transcribes all of the contact information for you. Once they get back to you (usually less than an hour), you can save that contact to your address book and you’re golden. NOTE: Recently, they joined up with LinkedIn and require an account for their services. The good news is that while it’s annoying to be required to use LinkedIn, both services (LinkedIn and CardMunch) are free, so the only cost is having to sign up.

Bump: Exchange almost anything (contact information, pictures, etc.) instantly and immediately just by “bumping” two iPhones together.

Droid User?

Or maybe you’re a droid user (though I can’t imagine why). If that’s the case, shoot me an email in a similar format as the above post of your MUST HAVE apps for Droid and I’ll be glad to post that article as well.

What am I forgetting? What would you add to the list?

The beauty of this community is that we’re all learning on the go. So, if you’ve discovered an app that you not only couldn’t live without, but wouldn’t want to, please share it in the comments.

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