We went and checked out “I Am Legend,” at the dollar cinema today. I suppose it’s just as well, but the most memorable thing about the move was the guy who apparently hadn’t slept enough, and therefore chose to snore as loud as a train whistle through the whole movie.

Having lived in Marshall, I’m used to hearing people talk through movies. Whether they’re in the back shouting at the girl on screen not to run up the stairs, or laughing hysterically for 5 minutes straight at every single Chris Tucker punchline, I simply developed an immunity towards getting overly upset about it.

But to snore so loudly! Ahh! The sound effects, the screams, the soundtrack – none of them budged the dude. Didn’t even slow him down. We (I) had to notify someone at the theater to wake him… I’m not sure how that worked, but it did.

I wonder how many of us are sleeping through an exciting life? How many of us are so drained of life that we can’t find a way to see the excitement going on right in front of us? That thought has been bugging me.

So, as the Pepsi commercial screams, “Wake Up People!” Live, don’t just exist. Let this life count for something.

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