Hurricane Dolly Update

I wanted to post this on my blog on the chance that someone checks it before calling me (again!). As the picture shows, Dolly is hitting south of us in Corpus Christi. We’re getting wave after wave of some strong storms, but there’s not a lot of damage happening in our neck of the woods.

Supposedly, some funnel clouds were spotted from Cole Park (downtown Corpus Christi), but I haven’t heard anything come out of that. I know that a tornado hit Alice, but that’s way west of here.

So, please keep the prayers going. (Ally, Micah, and I prayed for everyone way down in the Harlingen / South Padre Island / Port Isabelle area.) Know that we are fine, unscathed as of yet, and going a little stir crazy from necessity of hunkering down in the house all day.

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