How do you know somebody doesn’t like you? Part 2

Yesterday I posted an article about some of the strange trials and struggles that we’ve faced in the past two weeks. I thought you’d appreciate the humor and frustration that occurred this evening when I went out to my Jeep to run a quick errand.

The stereo head unit faceplate had been ripped out and there had been an attempt to remove the entire unit from the dash.

So let’s tally up the fun.

Feb. 23 – I step out to raise full-time support for my family and our church plant
Feb. 24 – The Jeep’s brakes all but completely go out and need replacement.
Mar. 4 – The Jeep with working brakes, or the moronic driver thereof, manages to receive two tickets for speeding.
Mar. 7 – My head unit is partly removed / damaged and is rather worthless.

Somebody’s not pleased.

Would you stop and pray for us, and perhaps consider supporting us? God’s preparing something amazing, and we’d love for you to be on our support team.

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