Happy Birthday to Mrs. Norman

Today is my wife’s 30th birthday. I don’t write that to embarrass her or to shame her. I’m proud of my wife. She’s incredible. How incredible? Let’s see.

  1. She loves Christ
  2. She’s my #2
  3. She’s beautiful
  4. She’s compassionate
  5. She’s giving
  6. She’s patient
  7. She’s a great mommy
  8. She puts up with me
  9. She’s a great cook
  10. She’s a hard worker
  11. She’s strong
  12. She knows me
  13. She’s caring
  14. She’s gentle
  15. Her smile lights up my world
  16. She’s fully devoted to our family
  17. She loves big dogs
  18. She loves kids
  19. She loves my family
  20. Her family is my family
  21. She’s called to be a pastor’s wife
  22. She holds me accountable
  23. She encourages me
  24. She challenges me
  25. She pushes me to improve myself
  26. She’s a great kisser
  27. Her eyes are GORGEOUS
  28. When we hug, we fit perfectly
  29. She’s a fun snuggler
  30. She’s my little beach bunny

Happy birthday babe! I love you!

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