Good Friday at Mars Hill Church

Tonight, I stayed up and caught the late Good Friday service at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. You know it was late here in Texas, because it started at 10PM on the Pacific Coast.

Here’s the thing. We’re visiting family. There were no churches that we have any connections to down here that were holding a Good Friday service. I wanted to go to one, so I opted to join Mars Hill Church online.

In a day when western Christianity is so often presented in a self-help manner, it is a very powerful moment to stop and consider the cost of forgiveness. Sure, it is free for us. But it cost so much for our Savior. His tears and blood and pain purchased our freedom. That is not a message for bettering your life. It’s a message of grace and unmerited favor with Jesus.

Thank you Mars Hill, for offering me an opportunity to worship at midnight and remember the price paid for me.

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