ESV GreekTools

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my understanding of Scripture. For the last 18 months, the ESV Study Bible has proven to be a HUGE resource for me. I utilize their online version at regularly. And by regularly, I mean every time I open a Bible with my laptop open.

In fact, for those moments that I don’t have my laptop or ESV Study Bible with me, I use the ESV Bible + app on my iPhone, which gives me all of the study notes in the palm of my hand.

Honestly, I’m a little addicted to this much wisdom and insight being so easily available.

And Crossway just added to the awesomeness.

[tentblogger-vimeo 22140079]

They now have ESV GreekTools available to add to your I’m just beginning to play with it, but so far, it looks VERY helpful.

This is far and away the best Greek resource available for $9.99 that I’ve run across.

Go check it out here.

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