For the record, I occasionally earn supplemental income through the content that I freely provide at davidnormanblog.com

That’s not necessarily why I do this, or why I began blogging in the first place, but it certainly is nice to receive some sort of compensation for doing something you enjoy. But whether or not that was ever my intention, because it has happened (and I’d love for it to happen more), I need to willingly submit to the FTC Ruling for Bloggers. This is to protect myself and to provide the most trustworthy experience to my readers possible.

So here’s the rundown:

  • Anything and everything has the potential to have a financial impact.
  • Any piece of content could be used to promote products, services, and affiliate businesses.
  • If I don’t think a product can help you or impact you positively, I won’t be promoting it here.
  • Most of the books I review, I do of my own volition and have purchased.  However, in partnership with Thomas Nelson, Waterbrook Multnomah, and New Leaf Publishing Group, I do occasionally receive books at no cost in order to review them on this blog.
  • Every contest and/or giveaway is paid by myself, unless otherwise stated.
  • I refuse to guarantee that a review of a product, service, or business will be “positive” in nature; my commitment is to my readers, and I will provide a fair and valuable assessment.
  • I retain the right to provide select advertising and sponsorship across this blog property for the right partners and businesses and would never sponsor or advertise a product that I haven’t used myself or had experience using.
  • I promote affiliate partner businesses that are relevant to my readers and meaningful to me.  I will not necessarily note the use of an affiliate link every time.

But with all of that said, this blog isn’t about making money, reviewing books or products.  It’s about us – you and me walking through this journey together.  And if you read this far through this disclosure page, go get a coffee and a cookie.  You deserve it.