Chasing Daylight to Houston

After yesterday’s tire debacle, I need to get some tires. Last night, that meant making a quick trip to San Antonio to pick up some tires I’d found on craigslist. And with my spare tire, that would have given me 4 decent tires to run on.

Unfortunately, when I got home I saw that they had managed to slash the 4th tire as well, so now I only have 3. Krista found some more tires with a little tread left on them in Houston, so off I go.

I’m not sure what lesson I’m supposed to take away from this, but I feel better responding and recovering than I would sitting in my chair feeling sorry for myself.

I remember years ago, my high school sweetheart would mock me when I would throw mini-pity parties and say, “poor, poor David.” Then and now, that serves as a reminder to me to get up and get going again and refuse to remain the victim.

So here I go again.

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