During the Spring, I love to take the top of my Jeep and feel the wind on my face. It’s a powerful feeling when the wind is whipping AND you’re moving 70 mph down the highway. But there are moments when the wind hits your face with just the right force that it leaves you breathless.

I don’t mean, “ooh. I’m breathless.” I mean, “I literally can’t take a breath. I need to turn my face.”

And as I had this occurrence just the other day, I was reminded that the same Greek word used for spirit, pneuma, is used to refer to wind as well. That seemed odd considering that I’ve always appreciated hearing about the Holy Spirit, and believed that he could empower believers to do many incredible things, but I haven’t thought of the potential force of the Holy Spirit in some time.

Imagine experiencing the powerful force of God’s Holy Spirit in such a way that left you completely breathless. Perhaps you can remember it occurring recently. Or maybe, just maybe, you are anxiously awaiting in expectation for that to happen.

Just be prepared to be left completely breathless.

Photo by Myles Smith

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