Billy Graham’s Word to America

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“The whole world is asking, ‘Does America have the moral and spiritual capability to lead the world to freedom at this moment?’ They read about our occupation with pleasure, our scramble for material things, our obsession with sex. They read about our crime rate, about our racial tensions. Too often we give the impression that we make our national decisions not on the basis of moral principle but on the basis of political expediency. Too often we give the impression that our military bases around the world are an effort to save our own skin and not to protect that which is morally right. When the president calls for a day of prayer, very few people pray, very few churches are open for prayer. Yet our religious organizations boast about our membership in the church, our fine organizations, our possibility of church unity, and yet we’re lacking today in spiritual power. Friends, this is what the world is looking for.”

Oh, that our generation might hear and heed the words spoken by one of God’s greatest preachers.


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