A Book You’ll Actually Read on Who is God?

One of Krista’s most recent gifts to me was Mark Driscoll’s new series of books. The main goal for each of these books was to relay solid theological truth to an A.D.D. generation.  Each book can be read by the average reader in about an hour.  Several days ago, I read through A Book You’ll Actually Read on Who is God?.

In it, Driscoll gives the major arguments for a God, the major ideological theories about God, the very nature of God, the incarnation of God, and worship of God.
As is my custom, I read through this book with a highlight in my hand, and I thought that I would share with you my favorite quote from the book dealing with the incarnation of God:

In addition to the prophesies that foretold Jesus’ coming into history as become man, Jesus himself repeatedly said he was God.  With his proclamation, he refuted the atheists’ objection that there is no God, answered the agnostics’ befuddlement that God cannot be known, denied the deists’ assertion that God is only distant, contradicted the finite godists’ claim that God can do nothing about the pain sin has wrought in our lives, disproved the pantheists’ that creation and not Creator is God, negated the panentheists’ belief that God is not perfect but still evolving and therefore not ready to be revealed in glory, repudiated the polytheists’ postulation that there are many gods, and crushed the monotheists’ claim that God is anytone other than the Trinitarian God of the Bible.

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